Our Story


We believe that achieving beautiful hair should be effortless

We believe haircare doesn’t have to be complicated. Established in 2020, we’ve maintained our minimalistic approach to haircare, by creating simple haircare tools & products - we are on a mission to create a seamless and effective haircare routine which is easy to achieve. Disillusioned with spending so much time and money on products that just didn’t work, we saw an opportunity to create products that will deliver what they promise. With this in mind, we designed functional, game-changing haircare tools, taking up minimal space on your vanity whilst still looking pretty! Silkie strive to give everyone the gift of beautiful hair without the hassle

A new vision for haircare

But our dreams weren’t achieved overnight – there were many setbacks, but these helped refine our vision. Our obsession with haircare and dreaming of an efficient haircare routine led us to designing our own collection, trying and testing every product on ourselves, ensuring they are high performance and of the best quality. We’re a movement towards an uncomplicated haircare routine. We understand how a busy, fast paced lifestyle can get in the way of beauty & haircare routines; that’s why we curated & designed a range of time saving solutions that easily fit into your life to give you the healthy, silky hair you’ve always dreamed of.

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Around 87% of our customers report immediate results

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Over 93% of our customers give us 5 stars!


All of our packaging, including mail boxes is 100% recyclable


All of our silk products are 100% organic

See why our customers love our products

The hairbrush is perfect for sensitive skin as it doesn't bother the scalp. So when my Psoriasis is bad I will definitely be using my Silkie brush as opposed to my Tangle Teezer!

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I really enjoyed using the heatless curler, I was fascinated with the results. It lasted very well on my hair and it was very easy to use

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This detangling hairbrush is so gentle and detangles my hair with ease compared to my previous hairbrushes, obsessed with this product!

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I love everything about the brush, and it’s going with me everywhere I go. Silkie is a must for protecting and detangling my hair when wet

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I absolutely love the hairbrush! it definitely will be my new staple for hair care, i love how light it is and brushes through my hair so well. The design is also so sleek, love it.



I have tried a lot of silk scrunchies but this is the softest one I have ever tried. Overall my experience with this brand is amazing and I give them 10 out of 10!



I have very long fine hair which gets tangled very easily, I have been using a Silkie pillowcase and it has transformed the condition of my hair



I use the skinny scrunchies every day, during the day and at night. They are so silky and have made such a difference to my hair